The necessary time for a soundcheck is approximately 60-90 minutes, provided that the equipment and technical personnel are completely ready.

The cover band is composed of 5, 6 or 7 people. Please specify the composition in advance

The minimum size of the platform for the performance is 3 by 4 m.

EQUIPMENT (FOH and portals):

    A portal system of leading manufacturers with capacity depending on the site and tasks, but not less than 4 kW RMS.
    Mixer — digital — from 24 channels, 6 AUX Send, at least 2 SUB Group. Yamaha (CL, QL), Allen & Heath (GLD), Midas (PRO, M32), Behringer X32, Roland M-series.
    When using an analog remote control: gate Klark Teknik, Drawmer, dbx, BSS.
    Compression Klark Teknik, Drawmer, dbx, BSS.1 Yamaha, processing SPX-2000/990, Lexicon PCM70 / 80/90.

    Sound engineer.

    1. Drums
    – preferably from Gretch, Tama, Yamaha
    – bass drum 20 ″ or 22 ″
    – snare drum 14 ″
    – volume 12 ″
    – Flora Volume 14 ″ or 16 ″
    – stand for a snare drum
    – hi-hat stand
    – two racks for plates like “crane”
    – microphones for sounding with fasteners (for small, volumes, barrels and two overs)
    – barrel pedal (Tama, Yamaha or DW)
    – a stable chair, adjustable in height (preferably on a screw shaft)
    – mat for drums
    – a set of plates (hi hat, crash, ride) by Zilgjian, Istanbul, Sabian, Samsun (in case of events outside the Kiev region)
    – floor monitor

    2. Bass guitar / backing vocals.

    – preferably combos and “cabinets” ”Hartke”, “Gallien Krueger”, “Ampeg”
    – minimum power: 100 W for small scenes; 300 W and above – in all other cases.
    – cable for a bass guitar jack – a signal through a diboks.
    – stand for bass.
    – 2 microphones on the stands of the crane, preferably Shure, Audix (one microphone only works in the monitor line of musicians, TALK BACK)
    – music stand.
    – power supply 220V
    – floor monitor

    3. The guitar.

    – guitar combo tube 50-100 watts. preferably FENDER, RIVERA, MARSHALL, FRAMUS.
    – stand for the guitar.
    – power supply 220V.
    – floor monitor

    4. Keys / backing vocals.

    – keyboard rack.
    – A stereo pair.
    – 2 diboxes.
    – microphone on the stand “crane” preferably Shure, Audix.
    – monitor. On large stages – 2 floor monitors. Ear monitoring option is welcome (sennheiser EW300)
    – power supply 220V.

    5. Male leader vocals.

    – Shure radio microphone not lower than the SLX series (in extreme cases, the wired Shure beta58)
    – direct microphone stand.
    – in-ear monitors, own radio system

    6. Female leader vocals.
    – Shure radio microphone not lower than the SLX series (in extreme cases, the wired Shure beta58)
    – direct microphone stand.
    – in-ear monitors, own radio system
    – floor monitor

    7. Saxophone
    – Radio microphone (own)
    – floor monitor

All technical issues can be agreed with the group director +30982379534, +30993055498 Artem

Room-dressing room. Any heated room, suitable for 6 people. Presence of armchairs, chairs or sofas. It is also desirable to have an ironing board, iron, hanger, mirror.

Drinks and light buffet. Upon the arrival of the group on a sound check in the room, the dressing room should be:
1. water without gas 12pcs to 0.5l, apple or grape juice 2l
2. coffee and tea on request, based on 2 servings per participant in the group during the whole event
3. Light buffet snacks, canapés, sandwiches, meat and cheese sliced, sweet (cake, cakes)

Hot food. When the group is working on events lasting more than three hours, provide the group with a full hot meal for 6 people. In the case of the band’s performance with our contractor for rental of sound equipment – plus 2 people. Approximate time of submission is 18.30-19.00, or after the first musical set of the band.

Group performance in other cities and countries
Departure to another city of Ukraine. Moving the group through the territory of the country is possible by train, or by car group for short distances. Train – 5-6 seats. COUPE or NE. The travel cost is paid by the customer separately.
Work in another country. In case of departure or departure abroad, please provide the group with the following items.
1. Tickets for the airplane (5-6 people)
2. Transfer from the airport to the hotel. Transport around the city, during the stay of the group in another country.
4. Hotel not lower than 3 ****
5. Three meals a day.
The costs for tickets, transfer and accommodation are always paid separately and are not included in the group’s fee.

For organizing the performance, please contact:

Concert director:
Artyom Melnikov

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