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We present to you one of the most popular cover band, which constantly performs on a variety of sites in Kiev – POZITIV BAND. In the capital of Ukraine, a large the number of establishments with “live music” of various formats. Musical groups of different compositions constantly perform in restaurants and clubs in Kiev. What is the most popular music format in institutions in Kiev?

1. Lounge. Suitable for establishments with a calm and relaxed atmosphere. These are the places where friends can meet to chat. Accordingly, the musical accompaniment of the evening should be pleasant and unobtrusive.

2. Performances of cover bands. Most popular format musical performances in Kiev. Inviting musicians to a cafe or pub, representatives of establishments want to fill the evening with a music show and bright emotions. The most famous pubs and restaurants that specialize in at concerts of cover bands in Kiev: Docker pub, Kult, Solomenskaya brewery, This Is Pivbar, Tarantino, Porter pub, Pivarium and many others. The most popular days with live music in pubs and cafes are Friday and Saturday. On these two days, cover bands usually play in full compositions. On weekdays during the days the musicians in the cafe work in small groups – duo, trio or solo.

3. Concerts of artists. On weekends you can easily find institutions of Kiev with concerts of famous artists and musicians. Before the start concert, they often invite a cover group to warm up the stars of Ukrainian and foreign stage. The most popular clubs and restaurants in Kiev, where they sell tickets for the performances of top artists, these are Caribean Club, PM Hall, Indigo, Atlas, Forsage, Saxon, Docker.

POZITIV-BAND is a resident of the most popular pubs, cafes and restaurants in Kiev

Over the eight years of the band’s existence, we have given a huge number of concerts at various venues in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine. We worked on the same stage with famous artists – Ruslana, Monatic, Polyakova, Dzidzio, N. Mogilevskaya, Scriabin, etc. If you are planning to have a fun Saturday evening and are looking for where live music is today in a pub in Kiev, go to social networks to our Facebook pages and instagram. It is quite possible that you will spend it in the company of the most driving cover group of the Pozitive Band

How to order a performance in a cafe or restaurant?

If you are planning a private party and want to surprise guests with real live music at your event – a musical group “Positive Band” is what you need! Our team constantly performs at events of various formats. With a large repertoire, you can be sure that the best hits will sound at your party! The POZITIV-BAND will become a real musical decoration of your holiday.
-Professional musicians with higher education
-Male and female singers
-Best dance hits of different styles
-Bright costumes

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Artyom Melnikov

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