COVER BAND "POZITIV-BAND" will charge you with a positive mood and will present unforgettable memories. We work in Ukraine and all over the world!

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Order the cover band “Pozitiv-Band”  on your celebration, and get a 50% discount on the technical raider kit from our partners!, and get a 50% discount on the technical raider kit from our partners!

By the end of the action there are:


If you are going to organize a holiday, weddings, corporate parties, and you are looking for real “live music” – then the cover band “POZITIV-BAND” is what you need! A bright musical mix, a diverse repertoire of different styles and trends from the 20s of the last century to modern music will not leave indifferent listeners of any age. Cover band “Pozitiv-band” from Ukraine will charge the public with a positive attitude and drive.
The composition of the cover band Cover bandincludes five professional musicians. Female, and two male vocals. In the playlist there is more than 200 songs of the band.
In choosing songs for our repertoire, we try to match the name of the group as much as possible. Therefore, only positive, and most importantly, live music will sound on your holiday.
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«POZITIV-BAND» - our events

years of work
made presentations on corporate
"lit" at weddings
birthdays were played
club and pubic performances
club and pubic performancesclub and pubic performances

Video in the style of disco 80s and hits of the 90s

We work in Kyiv, Ukraine and Europe

Our cover band erates with many companies and performed in most of the most famous entertainment complexes in Kiev – the concert hall “Ukraine”, “Ramada”, “Atmosfera”, “President Hotel”, Club “Leo”, Hotel “Ukraine”, “Nivki” Plaza”, “Fermont Hotel”, concert-hall” Oasis “, International Exhibition Center,” Radison Hotel”, “Premier Palace”, a country complex” Imperia “, complex “Admiral “, to “Kidev”, complex”Tripolye”, “Chumatsky Shlyakh”, “Three Musketeers”, “Solomenskaya Brovarnya”, “Docker Pub” and many others …

In our playlist there are songs in the most diverse languages of the world:

  • English
  • Ukrainian
  • Russian
  • French
  • Italian
  • German
  • Greek
  • Turkish
  • Spanish

10 points why exactly


We never fail. To organize your event, we come to the highest level and discuss all the nuances


dance-band "POZITIV-BAND" always works exclusively "live", without using playboys and phonograms


In the female group and two men's versatile vocals


All participants of the group with a musical background and extensive work experience in Ukraine and abroad


Cover-band "POZITIV-BAND" is constantly performing, so you can always listen to us in pubs and clubs in Kiev


At our performances, guests always dance


Pop band "POZITIV-BAND" has several variants of costumes


We have a very diverse repertoire. We played on various thematic holidays: Gatsby, Dandy, Disco 80x, Italiano, Rock Party, Gangsters


Cover band "POZITIV-BAND" is constantly performing, so YOU can always listen to us in pubs and clubs in Kiev


Musicians of our group are positive-communicative and modest in a domestic rider. With us you will not have organizational problems.

For organizing the performance, please contact:

Artyom Melnikov

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