Musicians for party Kiev, Ukraine - "POZITIV-BAND"

All good and pleasant events in our life are often accompanied by music. Why not make each holiday perfect and fill not only with delicious food and communication with friends and colleagues, but also add good dance music to your holiday party?

Today events in Ukraine with the participation of a musical group or artists are becoming very popular. It is not only live music and the feeling of a real holiday, but also a good, pleasant atmosphere. A cover group at a corporate party will add originality and uniqueness, since you can choose a repertoire that best matches the theme of your evening. If you have already decided to search for musicians in Ukraine, then most likely the following information will be of interest to you.


Video in the style of disco 80s and hits of the 90s

Stylish music group for events - "POZITIV-BAND"

One of the most famous and popular music groups innd Ukraine is POZITIV-BAND. The very name itself says that such a live-band will leave only merry and positive memories on the holiday.
“Pozitiv-Band” has 8 years of work behind its back. During this time, she spoke at more than 350 corporate events. At the moment this is a tremendous experience, thanks to which, the artists at the festival will be able to show themselves in such a way as to take into account all your wishes.
To order a band, it is important to know some secrets of holding an interesting and memorable holiday. We are happy to open them to you and help to facilitate the search for musicians in Kiev. Inviting artists to the corporate is important to consider the following nuances

Dance Band. Performance at the different holidays. Important points

The optimal length of a musical block should be such that there is enough music, but at the same time not too much, which in turn can be tiresome for the audience. Experienced musicians will definitely advise you on how to choose the ideal duration of musical sets When ordering a cover band, the repertoire is no less important. Dance music for a corporate party should correspond to the format of the event. Accordingly, the group for the event must have experience in this musical genre. When booking a band in Kiev, it is important to consider the provision of a high-quality technical rider. Rider is a set of musical equipment necessary for performing artists at event. Of course, you can look for companies that rent sound equipment yourself. But it is much more convenient and easier to discuss this issue with the team leader. In most cases, the best cover groups in Kiev cooperate on an ongoing basis with one of these companies, and if you are satisfied with the price, you can immediately place an order together with a technical rider. Finding musicians will not be difficult if you take into account all of the above features. Musicians “Pozitiv-Band”, regularly performing at events, on an ongoing basis, cooperates with a company for the rental of musical equipment in Kiev and in many cities of Ukraine. We will definitely find a set of the necessary technical rider, which is ideal for the size of the room.


Professinal misicians for event. Different line-ups of the group - duo, trio or solo

Depending on the format of the event, our group can work in small teams. For example female vocals + male vocals, vocals + guitar, guitar + saxophone, keys + guitar + vocals and other variants of the band’s line-ups. Musicians’ performances at events have become so common that it is not so easy to find performers who will like them, since there are a lot of them, and the event wants to be made interesting and memorable. After all, only a worthy musicians can provide an excellent mood and a friendly atmosphere. Dance music for a corporate party is always a great mood for guests. An important aspect of inviting a musicians is also that, unlike most artists who are invited to one or two numbers, the group usually works for 1.5-2 hours. If you want your evening to be filled with drive, positive energy, unique emotions, then a corporate party band is exactly what you are looking for. This is a chance to hear your favorite hits performed by a modern musical group, get in touch with artists, hear a completely new, fresh sound of already known songs. Impressions from the drive by talented vocalists at the party will not leave indifferent any listener, the fiery group literally saturates the guests with the unique power of live music.

Organization of performance

Ordering the musicians of the “Pozitiv-Band” group together with the “turnkey” rider is very profitable at the moment! You automatically get a 20% DISCOUNT on a complete set of sound equipment from our regular contractors. You can connect to our tech rider for FREE any equipment of other artists, for example, a presenter microphone, a DJ console, a laptop, etc. You do not need to rent anything extra from equipment



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