Musicians for Birthday in Kyev

Friends, are you planning a holiday and are you looking for a professional musical accompaniment? You have found what you are looking for! Cover group “POZITIV-BAND” is one of the most famous musical band for events in Ukraine.

Why choose our cover band for a holiday?

– Professional singers and musicians with higher education.

– Best dance music for birthday, anniversary, parties

– Bright costumes. – Various options for the composition of the band.

– Organization of the performance including the provision of a technical rider and lighting equipment.

– Possibility of cash and non-cash payments. – Your office in the center of Kiev.

Planning to celebrate a private birthday with your friends or a company anniversary? The musicians of the “Pozitiv Band” know all the intricacies of a bright musical evening. Our vocalists will not let your guests get bored, everyone usually dances here. We always keep in touch with the public. We communicate with guests, and sometimes we sing songs together! You can be sure that the musicians for the birhtday party day are a guarantee of a bright and memorable evening.

The best dance hits for the holiday

The repertoire of the “POZITIV-BAND” includes the most famous songs of different styles and trends; Ukrainian and foreign contemporary music, dance hits of the 90s, disco 80s, retro music of the 60s. Our singers perform compositions in a variety of languages; Ukrainian, Russian, English, Spanish, Italian, German, Greek and others. When inviting musicians to a birthday party, it is important to pay attention to the songs that will sound at the celebration.

Musicians for holiday birthday. Group members

We offer several options for the composition of POZITIV-BAND from 5 to 7 people, depending on the budget. For example, only with male or only female singers. But most often our group for a holiday in Kiev works in the main lineup with two vocalists. This is both a brighter performance and the most complete repertoire. Also, the Pozitiv Band often performs with a saxophonist, who can be ordered separately for a meeting of guests (well come). The saxophonist performs beautiful lounge-style compositions. If you need a small group for your holiday, we also have something to offer. For example, duo for events consisting of singer and saxophone, or singer and guiltar and other compositions

Party band. Organization of performance

When inviting a cover band to a birthday for the first time, you will surely face several organizational issues. First of all, a technical and home rider. A technical rider is a set of sound equipment required for a band concert. A rider’s kit is very different in power and filling from the equipment on which the presenter or DJ works. Therefore, it is impossible for any group to perform on this equipment. The POZITIV-BAND has partner companies in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine for the rental of professional sound and lighting equipment. The concert director of our group will help solve all the organizational issues related to providing a technical rider for the musicians at the party. Home rider – this is the issue of accommodation and meals for the band at the holiday. Keep in mind that the musicians arrive for the soundcheck (setting up the equipment) before the guests. The time of the group’s stay at the event is at least half a day. Therefore, musicians need standard living conditions – a dressing room for accommodation and meals. Call and get free professional advice on organizing the entry of the cover band “POZITIV-BAND” on your birthday, holiday or party

Work in Ukraine and other countries

For organizing the performance, please contact:

Concert director:
Artyom Melnikov

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