Video in the style of disco 80s and hits of the 90s

Concerts and mass events-cover band POZITIV-BAND from Kyiv, Ukraine, Europe

For 6 years of work, the group “Pozitiv-Band” has performed at various concerts and mass events: city day, village day, opening of a shopping center, American holiday, performance at New Year’s Eve of the 95th quarter, etc.
Different in musical format, the event requires a wide repertoire. In our playlist, more than 200 songs for every taste. Modern repertoire, disco 80x, rock, Ukrainian music, rock and roll, gangster music in the style of Chicago, Russian rock, soundtracks from movies (“Great Gatsby”, “Dandies”), etc. Therefore, ordering our group on a holiday, we definitely have the right music.

For organizing the performance, please contact:

Concert director:
Artyom Melnikov

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