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When organizing large concerts at various holidays, the question of ordering artists for the event invariably arises. How to make the best choice? What format of artists are suitable for this or that event?

What you should pay attention to?

1. The format of your event? Decide which main age group of guests will be present at your event? What’s the best music for your format?
2. Event budget. Will the budget allow you to invite a top Ukrainian artist or opt for an inexpensive but driving cover band?
3. Duration of the speech. If you are planning a long music program, be sure to specify whether the required number of songs will be in the artist’s repertoire?
4. Technical support of events. The cost of a technical rider for artists at a festival in Kiev can be very high. Often, well-known music artists work with a wide range of musicians, ballet and technical staff.

Why is a cover band preferred over most of the artists at the party?

Of course, inviting a famous artist to a corporate party, wedding or another gigs, you want to surprise your guests and emphasize the status of the event. But there are several undoubted advantages when a cover band at a gigs is better than most pop stars.

The number of famous songs in the artist’s repertoire. Often Ukrainian stars are known for 2-3 songs, and the rest are unknown hits, which may not be in the format of the event. And here is the repertoire of the majority the cover of the bands is large and diverse. In the playlist of one of the most famous Kiev cover band “POZITIV-BAND” more than 300 of the most famous hits of different styles. By inviting a group to a concert, you can be are sure that you will sound exactly the music that will be optimal suitable for your holiday.

Typical performance times for most artists 20-45 minutes, which may not be enough. Pozitive band usually performs from one and a half to two hours. Each the song performed will be a hit that the invited guests know and love.

Artists for a city day or other mass events Kiev, Ukraine

One of the most important factors why the POZITIV-BAND is ordered for many holidays is the price. The cost of the performance is $ 1000 – $ 2000, which is significantly lower than the order price for Ukrainian artists well, if the budget of the holiday allows you to invite an artist and a live group at the same time, this will be the best musical mix!

The Pozitive Band performed many times at the same gigs with the most famous artists of Ukraine – Monatic, Ruslana, Natalia Mogilevskaya, Olya Polyakova, Dzidzio, Scriabin and many others.

The main advantages of ordering the POZITIV-BAND.

– Female and male singers. Our vocalists are participants in the popular tv shows Golos Kraini and X-Factor

– Professional musicians with higher education

– Bright costumes

– The most top dance Ukrainian and foreign hits

– Professional concert management

we work in ukraine and other countries

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