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Cover band for the wedding-POZITIV-BAND. Kiev, Ukraine and all over the world

Friends, the one who will soon organize the wedding, and who decided to order a musical group for the wedding holiday, probably will face the question of which team to give preference. Now the choice of cover bands in Ukraine is huge.
More and more often, newlyweds prefer COVER-BAND. Its a musical group performing famous world and domestic hits in its own processing (not author’s music). It is the cover band, and not one or two people who perform songs under the minus one, that wedding organizers increasingly choose because it is a drive energy, new arrangements of compositions, an opportunity for newlyweds and guests to perform a song accompanied by a cover band.
Vocalists with a laptop – the last century. Virtually all weddings in Europe and America are accompanied by a live band or, as they are also called abroad, WEDDING BAND.
What are the important points to consider before you decide on a cover band for the wedding?



It is desirable to view all the videos. Professional cover bands should have 2 types of video: PROMO or DEMO – studio audio recording and professional video shooting, and so-called LIVE recording from a concert (not always of good quality, as usually it is not filmed by a professional camera.) But on this video you can estimate the work cover band for real). But it’s better when choosing musicians for a wedding, come listen to them live (many cover bands are constantly working in pubs and clubs in Kiev).

In the category VIDEO on our website you can watch a wide variety of videos: both PROMO and LIVE


Good musicians are constantly invited to weddings, and the most popular musical covers of the Kiev group should be booked as early as possible.
Wedding-band “Pozitiv-band” has been working for 6 years and annually performs at 20-30 wedding events in Kiev, throughout Ukraine and abroad. Our cover band has accumulated a lot of experience and knows all the nuances of holding a bright and positive evening

Number of vocalists in a cover band

Many bands work frequently, and if there is one vocalist in the group, then this is a big load on the voice. It may well happen that on the day of your wedding the vocalist will not be in shape, then you will have to change the entire cover band or immediately look for a vocalist for a replacement, which is very problematic.

In the group POZITIV-BAND three vocalists: female and two men’s versatile vocal, which allows you to significantly diversify the repertoire

A large and diverse repertoire of musicians for the wedding

In the process of organizing a wedding, you will come across the question of what kind of music you would like to hear performed by the wedding band. If only you are not going to make a themed party, then you need a cover band that performs the most diverse. It should be remembered that most of the guests are people of different ages and with different musical tastes. Therefore, it is desirable to please all a little. There should not be bored people
In the repertoire of the band “Positive band” more than 200 songs of different styles: modern music in the styles of POP and ROCK, Ukrainian hits, disco 70x-80x, rock and roll, latino, classical hits, Russian rock, soundtracks of foreign films. Also we have specially selected dance music for the wedding

Video in the style of disco 80s and hits of the 90s


Lack of phonogram (live music for the wedding)

If you decide that live music for a wedding is what you need and are ready to order a cover band, make sure that the music is really “live”. Many groups do not disdain the use of playboys and phonograms. Look closely at the cover band you want to invite. If in a group, for example, only a guitar, bass guitar and drums, and a full-fledged “orchestra” with violins, saxophone, keyboard instruments, modern sound effects, etc., then a playboy is used. That is, a portion of the audio is recorded in advance and played back from a laptop or other external media. Using a group of playboys or phonograms is done to save, so as not to keep additional musicians in the team.
Inviting us to your holiday – wedding band POZITIV BAND, tries to be honest and as much as possible to the definition of “live music for the wedding.” In the composition – 5 people. Each musician in the group owns several instruments. During the concert used: guitar, bass guitar, piano keys, percussion drums, violin, harmonica. Well, if you want to order a show for a wedding, we have a few cheerful music numbers and interactives with guests.

Additional bonuses

Is the cover band ready to provide some bonuses for the wedding organizers? For example, the first dance of the newlyweds accompanied by a musical group, the performance of several favorite compositions that are not in the repertoire?
Not all cover bands in Kyiv want to do this and work strictly in their own way.
It’s good, when the musicians for the wedding agree to prepare the required material, in spite of the fact that it takes some time to learn the composition by all the musicians and introduces additional costs for renting the rehearsal base.
The musicians of the group “POZITIV-BAND” will be obligatory to meet you! We will definitely pick up and prepare your favorite music for the wedding event

Contact with the public

Musicians at the wedding should not only play and sing well, but also maintain communication, that is, a bit to replace the presenter during his musical set.

Wedding Band «POZITIV-BAND» Kiev, tries to match its name. POSITIVE, SMILES AND CHARGES OF POSITIVE EMOTIONS – this is the basis of our speech!

Team Leader

If necessary, a good concert director or band leader band can help in organizing a wedding. For example, to consult the required technician (equipment), which the group needs to help find other artists for the wedding, for example, a violinist or saxophonist for playing at a wedding ceremony; discuss the dress code, household issues (placement of the group at the time of work), agree on a personal meeting to discuss preparations for the event. If the organizer of the group concerts does not give you full consultation or does it reluctantly, it is possible that you will have problems with the group and during the wedding event.

If you need a cover band, call us and you will receive professional and exhaustive advice on
“POZITIV-BAND” at your wedding

For organizing the performance, please contact:

Concert director:
Artyom Melnikov

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